I encourage students who wish to write their own songs to do so, and not to wait until some far off day when they "know what their doing". That said, there is a great deal to know about the craft of songwriting. I offer my students a way of organizing their thoughts and feelings into song form. My songwriting lessons are customized to the student's level and goals.


If you've never written lyrics before, I encourage you to keep a journal in which you write about your own life, thoughts and feelings. You will learn how to: • Use automatic writing and free association to express yourself • Generate ideas for songs from your journal entries • Transform your words into song lyrics. You will also learn how poetic form and rhythm are used in songwriting.


If you already know how to write lyrics but aren't sure how to set them to music, I can show you how to: • Create a melody using scales and intervals • Harmonize a melody • Use chord progressions and riffs • Use cadences to create drama


When it's time to put the lyrics and music together, you will learn: • Song form options (e.g. pop, rock, folk, blues) • The uses of elements such as riff, verse, rise, chorus, bridge, and coda to compose your song • How master songwriters such as Lennon/McCartney, Dylan and others construct their songs

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