Guitar Lessons NYC: Intermediate guitar

You've gotten past the beginner stage - You can play open chords, barre chords, maybe do a bit of fingerpicking or play some leads. 
You also know how to read tab and you've been downloading transcriptions from the Internet. But what you are playing still doesn't sound like the the recording, because the transcription isn't accurate! 

A lot of free tabs do not contain any rhythmic notation. So much of the essential information is missing that unless you have the skill to figure it out for yourself, you just can't get it. 

THE REAL DEAL: I present you exact transcriptions that contain all the important details that are essential to a piece and I make sure that you understand how to read them. 

This will allow you to replicate every aspect of the songs you are studying (strums, leads, fingerpicking, etc.) Because I teach you the exact arrangements that you hear on recordings, you’ll make an ever increasing connection between what you hear and what you play. 

PLAY THE MUSIC YOU LOVE: You can choose any piece from my library of exact off - recording transcriptions. If you want to study a song I haven't transcribed - no problem - I'll be happy to show it to you right in the lesson. I also record the music at a slow to moderate tempo (on cassette tape or on your ipod). Between the transcription and the recording you'll have everything you need to learn the music of your favorite artists. 

Depending on your interests, repertoire might include rhythm and leads in the following styles: blues, rockabilly, country, classic and contemporary rock, funk, reggae, r & b, as well as folk and fingerpicking styles - pretty much every contemporary genre. 

LEARN TO PLAY BY EAR: You'll begin ear training by learning to identify the sounds and structures which are the fundemental building blocks of music.This will help you to create your own original solos. 

SONGWRITING: At this stage you can bring in songs that you are writing. See the "Songwriting" section for details. 

BAND WORKSHOPS: For my more advanced intermediate students, I offer the opportunity to get together with other students and play in a band format. This is fun and a great way to apply what you've been learning. 

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