Guitar Lessons NYC: Beginner guitar

LEARN TO PLAY SONGS:  Together we'll pick songs for you to start with. I'll show you how to hold the guitar and pick, and how to play easy chords. You will learn to read tablature, a simple notation system that will help you remember what you've learned. You will be able to play basic rock and folk songs within a few lessons.  

HAVE FUN WHILE YOU LEARN:  As you progress, you’ll learn barre chords. With these you’ll be able to play songs by artists such as the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Cold Play, Radiohead, Nirvana etc. At every stage, you'll be working on songs you want to learn so you will feel motivated to practice and experience the satisfaction of playing music you love. 

PLAY SIMPLE LEADS AND MELODIES:  As soon as you are ready, I'll show you basic scales and exercises to help you develop strength and agility. This will allow you to play simple leads and melodies. 

YOUR GUITAR:  If you don't own a guitar, I'll help you choose an instrument that fits your needs and budget. If you already own one, I’ll make sure it’s set up properly.   

Call Roland at (917) 658-9221 for more information.