You will learn how to hold the bass and how to place your right and left hands properly. I'll show you how to read tablature notation.You'll begin learning simple bass lines to "easy" songs. These can be rock, blues, reggae etc. I'll give you technique exercises to strengthen your hands and "easy" forms of major scales. As your skills develop we can incorporate songs you wish to learn into the repertoire study.


You will learn how to read and understand complex rhythms. This will allow you to duplicate bass lines in any style. I have an extensive library of transcriptions of rock, reggae, calypso, blues, r&b, soul and other genres. You can also bring in any song you are interested in for study. You will begin ear training. You'll learn to identify the intervals. You will learn major and minor scales as well as arpeggiated forms of the triads in all positions on the fingerboard.


LEARNING HOW TO TRANSCRIBE: At this stage, I encourage my students to learn how to transcribe, so part of the study involves your transcribing music of your choice which you will present to me for review. Through constant transcription you will learn to identify the fine points and nuances essential to understanding each artist's performance.


COMPREHENSIVE THEORY: Theory study at this stage will encompass learning all scales and arpeggios, in all keys, in all positions, triadic harmony, seventh chords, altered chords, and the uses of all these structures. We will do analysis of the songs you are working on so that you understand how the music is structured.


CREATING YOUR OWN BASSLINES: You will learn how to create basslines for original songs. You will learn how to improvise through moving chord changes.


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